Lowlight is a rock n roll band centered around songwriting from Portland, OR. They formed in 2013 as a solo recording project for singer/songwriter Nick Foltz, with help from drummer James Pearson. Upon completing the record and realizing he wanted a full band to perform live and collaborate with Foltz brought in guitarist Chris Viola and bassist Jason Montgomery. Their first show together was the release show for the album "After Sundown" at the venerable SE Portland music sanctuary known as The Barn. Since then they have enjoyed a warm reception throughout Portland and the Pacific Northwest .Their sound is loose. It swings and stumbles and is built around the idea that the groove and the lyrics should both drive the song.  In 2015 they brought in bassist Carmen Paradise and began working more complex harmonies into the music. Energizing the songs and giving range and dynamics to their sound. 2016 has them set to begin recording their second album. They are raising money through gigs and donations to their website as they try to deliver their next batch of songs. Look forward to the record coming out in early fall.